Monday, April 13, 2015

Hilary Clinton to be the next President of the USA in 2016?

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The United States of America has started preparations for the 2016 Presidential Elections and the US people will elect a new President for their country. Unlike the earlier times, even though nearly 10 more months are left for the Presidential polls, and even before the Republican party announcing its nominee, there is a strong opinion not only among the people of America, but also of the whole world who are little interested in American politics that the next US President in 2016 will be Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton.

68 year-old Hilary Clinton who owns a great public appeal and charisma was one of America's leading attorneys before she became a senator in the US became the first lady of the White House following the victory of her husband Bill Clinton in 1993 as the President of the USA.

President Barrack Obama has backed the candidacy of Hilary and prophesied  that she will be the next President of America in 2016.

Many countries in the world will be happy to see Hilary as the next president as she maintained a good relationship when she served as the secretary of state.

Watch for more updated information and details for Hilary Clinton and her election campaigns and developments in the official website of Hilary Rodhum Clinton.

Here is the official facebook page of Hilary Clinton.

Lets wish her all the best....!


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    1. Yes, she has got some special connection with India....!

  2. America is seeing a paradigm shift in the way it perceives it's leadership. I guess the nomination of Hilary is a step in that direction.


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