Friday, April 10, 2015

Mylanchi Season 4 Grand finale winner: Watch show online:

'Mylanchi' is a musical reality show on Asianet TV channel. It is a singing competition of 'Mappila pattu', the popular Malabari Muslim songs of Northern Kerala. The olden peculiar musical rhythms of  this type are still  liked by a good number of music lovers despite the fast change of generations. 

Presently the semi-finals of the fourth season of this show is being aired on Asinaet. And the grand finale of the season-4 is scheduled to be held in Abudhabi on April 24th Friday, 2015.

The irony of the program is that even though the songs (lyrics and tune) are usually based on Kerala's Muslim culture, celebrations and marriages, the previous season's winners were non-Muslims...! 

This shows the acceptability of the Mappila Pattu style even in other religions and the religious harmony practiced by the Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities in Kerala since long.

The fourth season of Mylanchi is anchored by Lekshmi menon and the competitions are judged by Kannur Shareef, Afsal, Sithara, Sajily who are experts in Mappila pattu.

Talented contestants like Ajmal, Shabnam, Hamda Noushad, Salmanul Faris,Shelja Shaji, Nigina, Nitha Fathima, Athira, Muhamad Rafi, Unnimaya etc are making the show very attractive with their sweet voices.

All viewers are eager to know who will be the final winners in the grand finale?

Watch the winners list and Watch the colorful grand finale show online:

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