Friday, May 15, 2015

Kerala CM Oommen Chandy speaks against corruption in Kannur

When the Congress led UDF Government came to power in Kerala four years ago (May, 2011) with a very small margin, people expected greatly that it will do well and try to gain the trust of the people of Kerala. During the initial days of the rule, the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy apparently did his best and was seen engaging in many pro poor activities.

But soon after that the route of the government was seen changing. The unity in the United Democratic Front and in the Congress Party itself was disturbed. There were some leaders including PCC Chief Ramesh Chennithala opting and canvassing for prominent positions in the government.Then stated the infighting and mud slinging. When the demand for the second highest post in Kerala like deputy Chief Minister was not listened, there were the signs of the first dissidents in the government.

Later, to calm down the mutiny within the government, home minister post was offered to Ramesh Chennithala by the high command and there was some silence on his side. But there were may other congress party leaders and other party leaders in the front who had many personal demands.

When it was not possible any more for the government to concede to all their growing demands, some of them started indulging in many corrupt activities and others became silent spectators to the corruptions done by their dear and near ones. The Government of Kerala was not in a position to put an end to this and it grew like a big demon big enough to swallow the government.

The people who voted this government to power could helplessly watch this dirty situation prevail, and the powerful media though it came out strongly could not do much against the shameful politicians who possess rhino skins.

The UDF government which saw the pathetic performance of the UPA government in the last general elections did not learn any lessons from it, but rather went on a cumulative spree. Many people know the major reason for the UPA's fall is because of its inability to control the corruptions of its many alliance parties.

At last today the Chief Minister of Kerala who was forced to keep mum on the growing number of corruptions in his own government, among his own party men, other parties in the alliance, some bureaucrats and many in the police department and has opened his mouth about corruption and said, "people who indulge in corruption are cutting the branch on which they are sitting" ... "they may sometimes escape from the hands of the law but will lose the trust in the minds of the people."...!

People of Kerala from around the world are reacting to this comments and many are ridiculing the CM for making such a statement at this juncture. 


  1. At least he has said those lines. Hope at least his tribe listens.

  2. Politics = Corruption anywhere in India


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