Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kerala Police IG caught copying in MG University LLM exam

Here is another High Ranking Kerala Police Officer who has contributed his part to bring another feather of shame and disgrace to the cap of the Kerala Police department which is already battling for life sunk in piles of allegations related to corruption and malfunctioning.

Kerala Police was one of the best and sincere police forces in the entire country some decade ago. When smany other state police used to accept even very small amounts of money as bribes like 50 paise and one rupee, many people used to pass positive comments about the Kerala Police more than ninety percent of whose personnel were honest and upright.

As the nexus between the corrupt politicians (including ministers), bureaucrats and police have become very thick and close, the fear for the law of the land is disappearing from the minds of many who have some connection with some one in one of these sections (political, police or bureaucrats).

Here is the latest example of a senior high ranking IPS police officer (Thrissur Range Inspector General of Police: T J Jose) being sent on compulsory leave by the home ministry following allegations of copying and doing malpractice in the LLM (Master of Legislative Law) examination which he appeared yesterday in St. Paul's College, Kalamasseri in Kochi under Mahatma Gandhi university.

According to reports, the IG was caught with a material by the invigilator who was fearless and reported the mater tho the authorities which resulted in sending the officer on compulsory leave and other actions if found guilty.

People who are responsible to safe guard the laws are also bound to show golden examples to the younger generation which is prone to decay, must be extra careful and vigilant.  


  1. What he time to preparation yaar.:)

  2. Bad example for young generation .

  3. What can we expect in India...heard about mass copying in Bihar few days back. So frustrating, makes me feel why did i study so hard...i could have been an IAS otherwise!


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