Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aruvikkara by-poll Counting Results 30 June 2015 Live updates. Final votes of Candidates

Finally the day is here. There is an end for the curious and impatient wait of the people of Kerala in particular and India in general to know the Aruvikkara by-election 2015 results. Now there is an answer to the claims made by all the political parties in Kerala including the ruling Congress-led UDF, CPI M led LDF and the BJP which is claiming for a Modi-wave. Even before hours before the starting of the actual counting of votes, the three major parties repeatedly made statements that their party and the candidates would win. 

As Kerala's incumbent Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has categorically declared that the results of the election is a referendum for the UDF government led by him. Meanwhile it is a referendum for the other two leading parties viz the LDF and the BJP whether the people of Kerala accept them. It is also a litmus test for the defiant leaders like P C George and R Balakrshna Pillai and his actor son B Ganesh Kumar whether the people have accepted their arguments or not.

Later today the final results will be declared. After the final verdict of the people, those leaders who made unnecessary predictions even after the voting day will go to hiding or will appear again with a different thick skin that has no shame.

As different channels may project the live results of the candidates initially for some time favoring their candidates, the actual lead and positions can be had on the official website of the Election Commission of Kerala. 

The initial situation around 8.40 is very much in favor of UDF with its candidate K S Sabarinadhan making a comfortable leading (margin).

At 9.10 K S Sabarinadhan's lead is 3003 which is more than lead in the earlier 2011 elections. 

At 9.30 the lead of K S Sabarinadhan is 4152 which is more than the margin of his late father.

At 9.45 his lead has improved further to 6017 which is quite comfortable for his victory...

At 10.15 the margin of Sabarinadh is 7656... and he is confirmed as the winner of the elections to represent Aruvikkara Assembly constituency to the Kerala Assembly...

The live lead and current position is displayed here: 
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UDF candidate KS Sabarinadhan declared won in Aruvikkara by election counting results 2015:

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