Sunday, June 21, 2015

India's shameful low rank 143/162 in Global Peace Index 2015

The Global Peace Index (GPI) Rank is awarded by Global Institute for Economic and Peace every year. The Global Peace Index of a country is calculated basing many parameters including the quality and quantity of violence and conflicts a country is having within itself and with other countries. A total of 162 world countries are ranked and indexed. 

The top 10 countries that rank with 'very high state of peace' prevailing in the world are: 

1. Iceland.
2. Denmark
3. Austria
4. New Zealand
5. Switerland
6. Finland
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. Belgium
10. Norway

The last 10 Countries with 'very low state of Peace' in the world are:

162. Syria
161. Afghanistan 
160. South Sudan
159. Iraq
158. Somalia
157. Sudan
156. Central African Republic
155. Democratic Republic of Congo
154. Pakistan
153. North Korea
152. Russia

The complete list of countries are given here in the order of the Global peace ranking index:

Though India is considered as a fast growing country in many fields like science and Technology, and staking its claim for a permanent membership in the UN Security Council, its global peace rank is shameful 143 with 'low state of peace'. 

According to popular opinion, there are two main reasons for India to get the bottom peace rank. 

1. India is unfortunate to have Pakistan as one of its neighbors which comes in the 'very low state of peace' with 154 rank and is a globally recognized state that 'sponsors terrorism' and 

2. The internal unrest created by some fanatic political and religious leaders in the country for their personal selfish mileages...!

Lets hope that the observance of 'Yoga' in the national level improve the 'global peace index rank' of India further and fill the hearts of all Indians with a desire for love and peace.


  1. It's really shameful...a big country like us and look at the rank!!

  2. Hope things get better in India even we are lagging in the health index. Govt policy should allocate more funds to healthcare sector I believe.


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