Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kerala Becomes First State in India to Achieve Total Primary Education

Kerala, the tiny state in the southern most tip of India which is the first state in India that attained total literacy is all set to achieve another honor in education. Soon, i.e on the 19th of June 2015 the state is going to be declared as the first state in India with 100% primary education..!

'Athulyam' the project that commenced about a year ago by the Kerala State Literacy Mission is becoming fruitful by this achievement. Elaborate arrangements are made for 2,38,569 people to write the exam on June 7th in 6613 examination centers. Out of this 200 people will write in Kannada section and 3659 will write in Tamil section. Those who are writing the 4th class primary examination also include 141 prison inmates from different jails in the state.

The valuation of papers will be completed on 9th and 10th and the 'total Primary education' announcement will be made on June 19th which is the birthday of P N Panicker (the father of library movement in Kerala) which is also observed as the 'Reading Day'. Official declaration will be made later.

Making all people in a state to accomplish complete primary education is not an easy task. It is a remarkable achievement. A worthy reason for all Malayalees to feel proud of and rejoice. To facilitate (sometimes with requests, motivations or with compulsion) the total population in the state to complete the 4th class was a Himalayan task. It is made possible thanks to the collective efforts of the various departments of the government, officials, volunteers, NGOs and friendly associations, etc. under the directorship of Kerala state Saksharatha Mission. It shows the dedication and perseverance of Keralites to complete a service-oriented job with certain determination.

Congratulations to one and all who played some role in this great mission.

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