Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mad stray dogs vs Human beings? TV host Ranjini Haridas prefers dogs to people!

Hundreds of people are attacked by mad stray dogs every day in different parts of India. Out of those bitten by these street dogs, many people succumb to the rabies virus. The mad street dog menace is increasing day-by-day in different areas of Kerala and more and more attacks on people belonging to all walks of life particularly the small children, the hapless women, the elderly and the sick are reported and it has become an alarming situation in the state.

The attitude of the society is becoming more and more wild and the so called animal loving people are developing more 'animal nature' in them. When so many valuable human lives are lost in India due to mad dogs' attacks, no one comes to their rescue or bothers much expect the kith and kin of the lost lives. But if some one speaks against these mad street dogs, so many animal-lovers from Delhi to gally come to speak on their (dogs') behalf...! In spite of the repeated hazardous attacks, those responsible animal lovers including their head activist Maneka Gandhi is not seen trying for any solution to this danger. 

The recent news report about union minister Maneka Gandhi asking explanation from Muvattupuzha municipality in Kerala for killing a mad dog that bit many people on the road, is considered as very funny and senseless by the people. Some people even ask whether she belongs to dog's family or human race?

Yesterday in Ernakulam of Kerala, a meeting was convened for panchayat presidents and veterinary doctors to find a solution to tackle the street dog threat. When one doctor was suggesting to do away with the rabid affected mad dogs that attack humans, suddenly some dog lovers led by TV show anchor Ranjini Haridas stormed the session and disrupted the meeting asking not to kill the mad dogs. Following the melee, the Panchayat presidents and the experts left the venue stating that Ranjini Haridas and her gang insulted them.

Earlier the director of 'Om Shanti Osana' Jude Anthony had written an open letter to Maneka Gandhi, requesting her to 'order her mad dogs not to attack the poor human beings'...!

Most people love different types of animals and rear them as pets. But they all say that when it comes to the life of human beings, nothing comes on the way...! Some people also opine that those who love dogs and cats more than there children and other members in their family are demonic creatures who make the earth a hell.


  1. In India it is like that only!
    Value of human life is nothing compared to that of a dog's!

  2. Well, as the saying goes, dogs are men's best friends, but I think they should be tamed.


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