Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Modi Offers 1.65 Lakh Crores for Bihar. No Special Status for A.P..!

The voters in India are often compared to donkeys. Because they can be easily fooled any number of times by the fall promises of the cunning political parties and contestants whose only aim is to remain in power by hook or crook. after the announcement of the election notification, until the election dates these cheats travel (mostly on foot) the length and breadth of his/her constituency with a 70mm smile and deliver attractive poll speeches with a long list of promises. Some of these rogues are seen visiting the huts of the poor and marginalized people and pose for photos and videos as if assisting on their works. Once these frauds secure a victory in the polls, they are never seen again anywhere in the locality for another five years until the schedule of the next elections are announced.

Before the general elections in 2014, the people of new Andhra Pradesh state who were suffering due to the state bifurcation, witnessed some political parties and leaders. The present BJP prime minister Narendra Modi and the TDP chief minister N Chandra Babu Naidu who formed an alliance 9in the last minute) to face the elections vowed repeatedly several times that they will see that A.P state be granted 'special status' at least for a period of 10 years, if they are elected to power.

Now the people gave them a clear verdict believing their poll promises but they are not seen bothered about the concern of the people or welfare of the state as they are confident that their position is solid for a term of five years.

The announcement of Prime minister Modi and his BJP government at the center today, promising a whopping special package of one crore sixty five lakh crores rupees (Rs. 1,65,000,0000000) to Bihar State is clearly seen and opined by the political analyzers as an election stunt by prime minister Modi who wants to pave way to is party's success in the upcoming Bihar state elections somehow. People also feel that such pre-poll promises are just an eyewash that may not be and need not be fulfilled.

This announcement has made the people of Andhra Pradesh spellbound, who have been pleading the prime minister for special status (pratyeka hoda) for the state since 15 months. This decision of the Central government has greatly irked the people who consider it as an open challenge to the people of Andhra pradesh. People also have started to raise their voice against such anti-people activities of the parties and persons who won in the elections realizing the deceit in the pre-poll promises and started disbelieving the BJP and the Telugu Desam party. 

This move of the BJP government has strengthened the YSR Congress Party which has been spearheading the fight for 'Special status' to A P along with other parties like the Congress and the left parties. More and more leaders and patriotic people who love the state are joining the YSRCP in this campaign. Earlier popular Telugu film actor, social activist and Jana sena party chief Pawan Kalyan who had supported the BJP-TDP coalition during the elections has turned against both the parties and criticised severely the party MPs and leadership for their inability to strive for the state's special status.

Wise people and political experts who understand the fakeness in such promises warn the voters of India to be cautious against such cheatings and prove their prudence while exercising their franchise in the elections.


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