Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bihar Assembly Elections 2015: Who / Which Party will WIN?

As the notifications, schedule and poll dates for the Bihar state Assembly polls are announced and the first phase of voting is just few weeks ahead , people of the country are keenly watching to know the outcome of the polls to know who will be the next chief minister of Bihar. The Bihar elections 2015 gains a lot of significance as it is an open war between the two main political forces in India. On one side are the candidates backed by the PM Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led coalition which is openly playing the Hindutva religious card and on the other side are those parties and their allies that advocate for the prevalence of secularism in India. 

Though the Bihar Assembly polls 2015 is a prestige issue for all those parties and leaders concerned, the actual fight is between its incumbent chief minister Nitish Kumar of the JDU and the all powerful prime minister of India Narendra Modi. Even though the preliminary opinion polls and pre-poll results conducted by some agencies predict the victory of both the NDA alliance and the Maha Janata Parivar, the actual results will be available only on the votes' counting day ie 8th November, 2015. 

India is the largest democracy in the world. But unfortunately majority of the voters in India are illiterate or uneducated and are not aware of the value of their votes in the process of an election, and this ignorance is en-cashed by many fraudulent candidates who are well-versed and talented in fooling the voters with their false promises and actions. Most of the parties (candidates) indulge in buying votes with their money power which they made illegally by plundering the country and the people. 

Many poor voters are not aware that the power to decide who should rule them is vested with them. The country is their own. Those people who are elected are just their representatives and not their bosses in any way. But many so called leaders think that they are the owners of the land and indulge in many anti people activities once they acquire power and positions.

There is mixed opinions from the people regarding the result of the Bihar elections. Some people give credit to the incumbent chief minister Nitish Kumar who has very well proved his genuineness and wish that he should be elected to power once again and develop Bihar. Some others hope that BJP led alliance should win the elections and form a government so that the state would get the huge funds promised by the central government

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