Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hope International Hospital in Kakinada: Instilling HOPE in the hopeless..!

Following the hijack of noble and Divine professional fields such as Education and Medicine by some unscrupulous persons in India, the desperate people particularly the common man has lost all their hope in these two sectors. Education and Healthcare sector have become so worse that one has to sell his house or ancestral properties (if no properties, his body organs such as his kidney) to secure an admission for his child in an LKG class. And miserable death is the only solution if the kin and kith of an average person becomes ill. Even the government-run public hospitals render some treatment to people who shell out some bribe to the doctors and all the staff of all classes. Watching the numerous cases of deaths due to the sheer negligence of government doctors regularly being reported on TV news channels and news papers across the country, people are fearing to approach the government hospitals for treatment in the event of becoming sick.

It is at this juncture the private hospitals encash the people's sentiments. If a person happens to go to a private hospital or doctor for the treatment of common cold, firstly he/she will be subjected to all tests (diagnosis) that the hospital is having and he/she will be referred to other diagnostic centers where these doctors have huge commissions. If the experimental medicines of this doctor does not work, he will be advised to go to his friend doctor (hospital) where again the poor patient will be put to all the tests once again. At last it will be too late when the patient realizes that his common cold has turned in to some serious disease with wrong treatment and he is forced to go to some far away corporate hospitals. In order to undergo treatment there, he will have to take huge loans at exorbitant rates of interest from inhuman money lenders who are like Shylock.

When such a situation is prevailing, the advent of 'Hope International Hospital' in Kakinada is instilling some hope to the hopeless humanity. The news that the hospital is fully equipped with latest, advanced and highly sophisticated machinery imported from abroad to take up the challenge of meeting and treating any illness related to human body, mind and soul at affordable and reasonable charges gives a lot of relief to the people. It is also a commendable matter that the management under the stewardship of a world-famous humanitarian and specialist Doctor Charles J Silas has appointed (is recruiting) the best, highly experienced and most devoted doctors, nurses and other medical and para-medical staff for the hospital at very high remuneration and other working conditions without compromising on experience, qualification and talent.

Let the wish of the common people be fulfilled and may the promoters of Hope International Hospital create a history in Andhra Pradesh with their exemplary methods of extending corporate healthcare at affordable cost to the people of all districts of new Andhra Pradesh state and its neighboring states. May also many human centered people and organizations come forward to start such educational institutions and healthcare organizations that give priority to human lives, ethics and values rather than money alone...!


  1. I agree with your comments on education and healthcare. I hope this new hospital will truly be different delivering much needed relief to the ordinary citizen

  2. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  3. Valuable article. Let us wait and watch whether Hope Hospital people will prove that they are different from the existing ones or they too will follow suit...!


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