Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kerala Police Proves its Caliber. Absconding Notorious Criminal Caught!

The Police Force of Kerala State is famous for its special ability and skill to unearth even any pending issues and non-traceable cases. Kerala Police was referred as one of the best police force in the country to investigate smartly even the mysterious cases. But due to the interference of political and other influential powers in the route of its investigations, the force often becomes handicapped and fails to complete its job sincerely.

The nabbing of notorious and one of the most wanted criminals Aadu Anthony by the Kerala Police today (after a long hunt that lasted for three years) has added another feather to the cap of the cops headed by its 'popular' DGP Senkumar. the numerous crimes of robber Adu Antony came into the lime light following the killing of a police constable and seriously injuring another in 2012. All the personals behind this difficult achievement deserve special congratulations and awards. This incident has once again reinstalled the (lost) glory of Kerala Police.

There are many cases pending which are being handled by the Kerala Police. People are asking why the police is not capable of investigating such cases with this same smartness and bring the culprits before the law of the land. People know that behind most of these pending cases there are some powerful black hands of some politicians or influential officials. There are some people who say that the police took so much interest in this particular case as the culprit killed one of its persons and badly injured another...!

Aadu Anthony was a hardcore criminal apparently without any political backing. Had he had some affiliation with any political or social organisations, many would have competed to defend him and present him as an innocent person and block the nabbing and investigation.

Lets hope that the politicians leave the police department alone to do its legitimate duty freely and fearlessly fulfilling the purpose for which the department was established. Kudos to all the sincere and honest personnel in the Kerala Police department who dare to value the voice of their consciences than that of corrupt influential persons.


  1. But how did they crack the case and what exactly led to his arrest?

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