Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A P Postpones Helmet Rule to January 1, 2016. Abolish Helmet Rule in India?

The government of Andhra Pradesh has once again extended the date to implement the rule to compulsorily wear head gear for two wheeler drivers from 1st November, 2015 to 1st January, 2016 following public uproar within just hours of its implementation on November 1st...! Earlier the government had proposed the date of implementation a couple of times as per the court's order which is prevailing and postponed it following people's public opinion. 

Helmets are suggested to be worn while driving any two-Wheeler like motor cycles and scooters as they may protect the head from injuries in the unfortunate event of meeting with an accident. In some cases it was established also. Hence in the Indian Motor Vehicles Act (section 127 read with 177) though this law is mentioned, it is commonly and comfortably defied by the motor vehicle riders. 

There are different views and opinions among the people with regard to 'wearing helmets' while driving two-wheeler vehicles in India. While some people welcome this rule as a means to protect one's head in accidents, many others are against this and want the rule to be banned. Their point of view is that wearing helmets and its benefits are purely personal and it does not affect another person's safety in any way. And as long as a thing affects one's self, it cannot be made as a law but can be left as a matter of personal freedom by issuing a 'statutory warning'. They also put some other examples to strengthen their argument. Smoking tobacco and drinking liquor is injurious to one's health.  It is a proven and widely accepted fact. But these very dangerous things are not banned but 'only warnings' are issued on the packets and bottles for individual discernment. They say, after all 'rules are for men'.

So according to the popular opinion, people want the decision to 'wear helmets' optional and purely personal. Many people complain of hearing loss and discomfort while driving with a head gear. Some others ask "what is the use of having a safe head with a completely damaged body"? In the event of an accident, if a person's body is completely injured and he/she becomes paralyzed, will there be any use if his head is left with less damage and some sensation..?

Whether it is useful for the public or not, helmet rule will surely help the helmet manufacturing companies (who allegedly pay handsome bribe to concerned ministers and politicians) and the traffic police personal who show more interest only for 'vehicle checking' rather than traffic regulations to collect huge money from the motor cyclists..!

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