Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Flowers TV's Indian Music League Grand Finale Winners

Musical reality shows are not new to any of the Indian general entertainment TV Channels or to the people who love to watch TV shows. There is one singing reality program or another in every language channels in India. There are competitive musical programs conducted for kids, children, youth and adults. But the musical reality show 'Indian Music League' conducted on new Malayalam entertainment channel 'Flowers TV' is a bit different.

'Indian Musical League' reality show singing competition is held between the 14 districts of Kerala. It is also adorned by celebrities and talents beyond age bar. Every district in Kerala is having a team consisting of 6 participants. Each team is led by a musical icon. Each team has been presenting beautiful dances and other cultural programs relating to that district.

And the specialty of this show is that the mega cash prize which the winning TEAM wins will be used for the construction of some houses for the homeless poor in the winning teams' own district. Hence people of each district of Kerala state is waiting eagerly to see the 'results of the grand finale' which is to be announced soon as the 'first season' of the show is nearing its end.

More than just giving away crores of rupees to the individuals who often win in reality shows usually basing on the judges personal decisions (where the candidates appearance / race / creed etc is given improper weightage) rather than the actual talents, the noble initiative taken by Flowers TV can be followed by other channels also. More over it will be counted as one of our social responsibilities also. Because people who work for the society are more honored and respected than those who work for themselves.

Updated on 6th December, 2015 (Sunday) After the Grand Finale event:

All the 6 teams representing six districts that came to the finals (1. Trivandrum, 2. Kottayam, 3. Pathanamthitta, 4. Idukki, 5. Thrissur and 6. Malappuram) made their last performances in the ceremony that lasted for about four and a half hours (from 6.00 pm to 10.45) and the winners were announced in the presence of Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash, channel chairman Gokulam Gopalan, Infosys chief Shibulal and his wife Kumari.

And the Winning Team of Indian Music League 2015 'Grand Finale' is ...IDUKKI DISTRICT...and its captain is Srinivasan

The District Team that won the 'Indian Music League' (IML) title in the first place is responsible for the 'Flowers Village' that is to be set up in Idukki district to provide dream houses with all facilities for 20 homeless poor of this district. For this purpose the Kerala Government is to allocate land as agreed by the Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash. 

The Flowers village in Idukki district is to become a reality within 3 months with the support and co-operation of many organisations and individuals with the co-operation of the government. The main financial sponsors for the first phase of the construction is Shibulal family of Infosys. And the low-cost construction is to be completed by noted architect G Shankar within a stipulated time. Several others also will be joining hands with the channel in discharging this project that is praised as a social responsibility.

The drawback noted in the 'grand finale' event was that the Revenue Minister of Kerala Adoor Prakash was not given proper honour as per the protocol which is to be observed among all the people who filled the stage.

The Winners List of the IML Grand Finale 2015:

1. Idukki District. (2 lakhs to the captain + 50,000 to the singers)
2. Malappuram District. (1 lakh to captain + 25,000 to singers)
3. Kottayam District. (75,000 for captain + 25,000 to singers)
4. Trivandrum Distict. (25,000 for captain and 10,000 for singers)
5. Thrissur District.
6. Pathanamthitta District.

For this reason all the people are extending their Congratulations and appreciations to the winner team, its mentor, the channel, Chungath Jewellers who sponsored the show and the Government of Kerala.

Please watch all the episodes and the grand finale online here:

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