Sunday, November 22, 2015

'Made For Each Other' Grand Finale One Crore Winners are: Ashkar - Fazna

'Made For Each Other' was an adventurous reality show by Malayalam's General Entertainment Channel Mazhavil Manorama for newly wedded couples held for about 7 months in Malaysia. 10 couples were selected and ability was tested by giving various tasks. 

Putting an end to the anxious wait of its loyal viewers, in the simple grand finale held in Malaysia, 3 winner couples are declared as winners just now. All the results were announced by the show's anchor Malayalam actress Abhirami.

The grand Finale Winners List:

1st Place:  'Ashkar and Fazna' couple was announced as the winners of one crore worth flat by 'Asset Homes'.

2nd Place: Was awarded to 'Sudeesh and Vishnupriya' couple. They were given a cash prize of 30 lakhs 

3rd Place: Was given to 'Sharon - Nikitha' couple. They were given cash prize of 15 lakhs.

ALL the seven couples who came to the finals were given 1 lakh each as consolation prize.

The Seven Finalist Couples' List and score card:

     Couples                  Points  Rewards

1. Sharon-Nikitha          65          1

2. Ashkar-Fazna             60          1

3. Asim-Febuna              60          0

4. Sudeesh-Vishnupriya 55          0

5. Jithin-Sini                   35          1

6. Dinesh-Ramya            20          0

7. Avin-Karthika               5          1

Watch the Grand Finale Online:


  1. That's a huge sum. Congrats to the winners.

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