Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The shameless MLAs of AP who betray the voters for selfish motives

'Operation Akarsh' is a common word frequently heard in the Telugu speaking states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh these days. (It is very much in practice in other states also may be in some different name.) Operation Akarsh is not any new initiative launched by these governments for the welfare of the people or the betterment of the state. It is a dirty game by the ruling parties in these states to attract the Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) belonging to the other parties particularly the Opposition Parties who neither have any principles or any shame by offering them some money, positions and a lot special favours including cancellation of any pending cases etc. 

The main purpose of these parties ruling the states is to weaken the opposition parties who always question the wrong-doings of the governments or oppose any move of the governments that may affect the people. Even though the cunning agents of these ruling parties approach most of the MLAs of other parties with irresistible offers such as ministerial berths or other top posts and other perks, many leaders with some principles and policies do not give their ears to these offers which are like bones but show some loyalty to the party which they represent and to the people who voted for them and elected them as MLAs knowing giving some credit to the political party to which they represent.

In an election the voters elect a person as their MLA or MP taking into consideration two things. They are the Political party which they represent and the person who is contesting. So after winning an Assembly or Parliament constituency as an official candidate of a particular party, and later switching allegiances to another party for personal gains is greatly dishonourable and disgraceful. If a member of any legislative assembly or parliament cannot cope-up with the policies of the party, they should tender their resignation and face fresh mandate of the people. If they continue as MLAs in the new party, the Speaker of the House should show courage to disqualify them under anti-defection law. 

But as the speakers of our Assemblies are also loyal members of the ruling parties and if they fail to appease the party leaders who are Chief Ministers in these states, they know that their posts will disappear overnight and some other person may occupy it. Hence the poor voters who gave power to these cheaters cannot expect any justice there also. But if not all, the senseful voters will surely hate these leaders who do not have back bone and can be easily lured with money, power or positions. 

The governments in these or any states should concentrate on how to develop the state and improve the lives of the people instead of planning and playing dirty games of luring other leaders to damage the voice of the opposition. By engaging in cheap and substandard tactics like this they are mocking the very system of democracy and fooling the people who appointed them to rule in their place and on their behalf.

Hence those MLAs or MPs who got elected to any state legislature Assemblies or parliament on the ticket and label of one party and wish to change allegiance to some other parties are asked to show minimum courtesy of tendering resignation to their elected post and face fresh polls before continuing in the new party with the new post given as alms or blood money given for betraying own people. Let the foolish voters who elected you to power bear the expenses of the election once again as a punishment for believing your false promises and casting their precious votes for deceivers like you...!

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