Friday, April 15, 2016

DGP Senkumar on PM Modi's Kollam visit following Temple Fire Tragedy

The recent fire tragedy that occurred in the Puttingal temple at Paravur near Kollam in Kerala on April 10, 2016 was very disastrous and unfortunate. This sad incident that claimed more than 120 lives and made hundreds seriously injured shook not only the nooks and corners of the country but the whole world itself. Many world leaders ranging from Russian president Putin to Pope Francis expressed their deep grief and sent messages of condolences to all the affected persons.

Most of such calamities occur due to the negligence and carelessness of people who are connected with them. Many disastrous accidents in our country have claimed a number of precious lives. While we cannot do much to reduce natural and unpredictable calamities such as earth quakes or tsunamis, it is very unfortunate that neither our system nor our leaders do not open their eyes and act accordingly to prevent major man-made accidents in future. We are always taking it for granted when nothing happens adversely despite being careless and negligent in discharging our legitimate duties with no dedication or devotion.

If hundreds of people are killed and injured because of one drunken driver of a bus or train, whose fault it is? If drivers of public transports who are holding the lives of many in their hands, fall asleep, who should be blamed for the unfortunate results?

Now, coming to today's latest news, Kerala DGP Senkumar has made a statement today which has become a sensational topic in the political circles and people's views. While giving and interview to The Indian Express he said that he had objected the plan of the PM Modi (and the Cong vice-president Rahul Gandhi) to visit the the accident spot within hours of the tragedy, and had informed the SPG (who are incharge of the Prime Minister's security and visits) to postpone the PM's visit for the next day as the PM's visit would hamper the rescue and relief operations which were being done. Most of the people are backing the courage the DGP has shown to say things even to the PMO's office. 

As it is election time in Kerala, political parties will have special agendas and they may think that their visits may give them some mileage. But it is well known (well experienced) that any VIP who is having and needs special security must stay away from the sites of calamities, as giving them special protection will greatly affect the relief activities. Rescue and Relief activities are normally taken up not only by the police or other departments, but also by the public who often respond voluntarily and spontaneously with a selfless mind. Visits of people like Narendra Modi will keep away all these personnel and people and will be a hurdle for the relief works.

It will be ok if VVIPs remain in their places of comfort and 'express their shocks'. If they want they can engage their men and machineries to extend aid and support to the victims. Their personal visits will do 'NO' good to anyone who is suffering, but to some people belonging to thier parties. Their visits may only hinder the services of those people who are engaged in helping them. So, the visits of VIPs who need or have huge security for their personal protection, will do more bad than good.

Hence the majority of the people are supporting the stand of the Kerala DGP who is considered as a honest and people-friendly officer. If anyone (whether leaders or officials) wants to prevent such incidents in future, let their eyes become sighted and vigilant.


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