Friday, April 8, 2016

Kerala's wicked prostitute Saritha S Nair and the media's cheap coverage

Kerala's infamous whore Saritha S Nair's letter, murderer Biju Radhakrishnan's CD, Some political chameleon's changing statements and some Kerala Media's shameful support and undue coverage to these criminals: 

There are many women engaged in prostitution in India. While many of them who have ended up in this profession unknowingly, continue in this field for winning bread or making a living. These poor people are often harassed by the police and other departments for getting a share of their earnings, some 'five star' whores who have high connections and top influence dictate terms, as many of the law makers and law implementing persons are their valued clients. 

But these people have a common code of conduct and they usually never reveal the identity of their customers who are 'gentle men' during the day. Nor do they find pleasure in exposing that they are prostitutes. 

But in Kerala, a shameless prostitute without any such ethics and a fraud who had intentionally cheated a number of people, by name Saritha S Nair had emerged as a star, thanks to the unstinting support of some media and journalists who even do not have any ethics or values and whose only aim is to pull down the government somehow. Some political leaders also have been making changing statements depending upon the situations.

According to people's opinion, it is quite unfortunate for the media and the press which is known as the 'forth estate' to give undue publicity for this shameless fraudster and blackmailing whore (who had earlier run a brothel racket) and project her as a celebrity. Even many concerned people are opposing the film maker for making her act in his upcoming movie and make her a star.

Why people are calling sarita s nair as a black-mailing prostitute?

Even a small child can easily find the differences in her recently released letter and her earlier statements and term it a 'fabricated' conspiracy. The so called letter which was written in 2013 mention that many ministers and VIPs including the CM have 'raped' her! 

If she was raped three years ago, why she never reported / complained about it until now?

How can a free woman (who moved at her free will) be raped by several people at different occasions on different times? 

In her tv and press reports last year, she had repeatedly stated several times, that the Chief Minister is like a father figure for her.

The recent statement of saritha s nairs' former lawyer Fenny Balakrishnan that the revealed letter is not real and former minister K B Ganesh kumar (who lost his minister post following the complaint of his wife about his domestic violence) is behind the fresh allegations to topple the present UDF government headed by Oommen Chandy.

The opposition leader V S Achuthanandan and many political leaders including P C George have publicly termed her as a big cheat, fraudster and dirty prostitute and challenged her to take action against them.

It is very silly and mean for the same opposition leader V S Achuthanandan to support her, expecting cheap political mileage. People are of the opinion that such statements will only affect his image and make him a joker. More over such remarks and allegations will create some sympathy for the chief minister Oommen Chandy who is projected as a champion of corruptions.

Earlier the Solar Commission, the police and the Kerala media were greatly ridiculed and criticised by all for believing the duping words of murderer and cheat Biju Radhakrishnan (who is in the jail) with regard to some CD which does not exist.

Media and the journalists who are called as the 'fourth estate' is the last resort of the people to check and correct the malfunctioning of the government or the officials. The media must act impartially as the people's voice. Even though the media may also have some stands and political inclinations, it should never deviate from the truth and support anything that is false and fake. 


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  2. Who made Sarita a prostitute? That's a billion dollar question. Most of the Congressmen (con-men?) in Kerala seem to have sown their seeds in the arid land called Sarita :)

  3. I second the views of Tomichan.The writer appears clearly to be a congress sympathiser...


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