Friday, May 6, 2016

Poonjar / Punjar (Kottayam) Assembly Election 2016 winner is ..

Though the electoral battle in every constituency whether big or small, is a matter of 'do or die' situation for all the political parties and contesting candidates concerned, some constituencies attract special public interest. Poonjar assembly constituency in Kottayam district of Kerala is probably witnessing one of the toughest poll battles and all eyes are turned towards Poonjar to know the voting outcome.

As per the final list of nominations filed for the Kerala Assembly Polls 2016 after the withdrawal of candidates, Poonjar constituency recorded the top position in entire Kerala with the highest number of 17 candidates in the fray. While most constituencies have a triangular fight Poonjar is witnessing a quadrilateral battle with all the four candidates foretelling their winning. 

In Poonjar, UDF has fielded Georgekutty Augusthy of Kerala Congress (M) and LDF is supporting PC Joseph (newly formed Francis George Group). The NDA's candidate is former CPIM activist MR Ullas who is now a member of Vellappally Nateshan's BDJS. 

Poonjar gained its present popularity by its long time MLA PC George, who was earlier liked by most people of the mandalam for his pro-people activities and comparatively cleaner and transparent image. But his disobedience to the political leaderships and his uncontrollable tongue distanced many of his loyal fans from him. In the past, he was a regular celebrity guest for the media as he often used unparliamentary and vulgar words in his public statements against most leaders in the government of which he too was a part. Many journalists, mimicry artists and cartoonists often termed him as an 'uncontrollable wild animal' and he seemed enjoying and relishing these comments and considered them as an encouragement for his untameable wild attitude. 

But after leaving the government and the ruling front, with a hope of getting the favor of the left leaders, he further unlashed his sharp tongue and continued to challenge everyone with whom he was working for more than three years. And when his hope of getting accommodated in the LDF failed, George realised the necessity to control his tongue. And when the LDF at the last moment, fielded another candidate for Poonjar, it was a great unexpected blow for PC George and he was very calculative and careful in criticising the LDF leaders like Pinaray Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan as he knew it is not safe as he is aware of the after effect of criticising CPI(M) leaders.

PC George who has represented Poonjar as MLA for six times has won the applaud of the people of his constituency for being with them even in small and common things that pertained even to the average man. People have high regard for his character and his stand against corruption. Even though he is contesting as an independent candidate now as the LDF which has ditched him, he is very confident of his victory and has offered his support to VS Achuthanandan in case there is a hung assembly and VS getting the chance becoming the next CM. To his added advantage, both his rivals who were earlier his colleagues are new to the assembly. 

For people of Poonjar PC George is an already proven worker. What ever is his merits or demerits in adjusting with other fronts or parties, people feel that he is a reliable leader who will stand by the people and for the people in their needs. They also hope that in the event of his winning another term, he concentrate more on the needs of the constituency and its people rather than wasting his time, energy and respect by engaging in mud-slinging and revenge taking activities and prove his improved maturity in deeds and words...!!!


  1. Well George has had the last laugh! Let's hope he contributes meaningfully in future for his constituency and the state.

  2. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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