Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The 'criminal lawyers' of Kerala murdering justice, disrupting law-and-order

For the past few months, the lawyers of Kerala are being projected and depicted as criminals and villains by the electronic and print media of not only India but the world. This infamous publicity is the result of the ugly behavior of a small gang of lawyers practicing in different courts of God's own country, Kerala. These criminal-minded lawyers who don't have any values in life think they are above the laws of the land and have immunity against violating any rules or regulations. 

The true colors of these criminal lawyers came in to light when a government pleader by name Dhanesh Mathew Manjooran was arrested by the police on the complaint by a house-wife woman for misbehaving with her on a public road in Kochi in a drunken condition. When the alert media of Kerala went to cover this in the police station his accomplices objected and resisted, and when they went to the court to cover the news, they cruelly attacked the journalists like street goons in an ugly manner getting national and international 'coverage'...!

In a democratic government, the legislative (elected by the people), the judiciary (consisting of lawyers) and the bureaucracy (with top officials) are the three main pillars that are responsible to safe guard and protect the very principles of democracy. When any one of them or all of them fail, it is the media known as the fourth estate which is the last resort of the state, system and people. In today's corruption-filled world, many huge scams and injustices are unearthed by some of the socially concerned medias and their journalists who fight against the social evils undergoing many hardships and risking their own lives..!

The pity is that these criminal-minded lawyers refuse to obey their superiors. They are not bothered to listen to the instructions of even the supreme court Justice who tried to solve the problem amicably.  Many Ministers and leaders condemned their nasty behaviors in strong words but of no use. Even though some of their senior and reputed advocates like Sebastian Paul, Jayashankar, Ramkumar, etc criticized their behavior, instead of trying to correct their mistakes, they have resorted to expel their senior colleges who have some values and principle linked to their profession.

More pity is that they are not aware that the court in which they work or over-act wearing black gowns (restrict the entry of the members of the fourth estate, attack them or create problems) is not their family property or dowry given by their fathers-in-law. It is the property of the country- hence it is peoples' property. So they have to either obey the orders of the representatives of the people, or quit it and get lost without spoiling the sanctity of the courts or blocking their functioning. 

It is the 'sentence' of the people that such criminal lawyers should be isolated and awarded exemplary punishments. The people are also asking with fears, "When these criminal lawyers become judges, what will by the fate of the judiciary"?


  1. Another topical issue that is troubling the contemporary society in Kerala. One can see a lot of anguish . anger and frustration in your post!

  2. they are from the same society, no?


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