Monday, March 20, 2017

Kerala Police a Big Failure Under Pinarayi Vijayan - Loknath Behara?

The Kerala Police was compared to the Scotland Yard Police few decades ago. Before the invention and use of latest modern technological products and gadgets, some cases investigated and unearthed by the Kerala Police Personal literally stunned not only the people of the country, but also the world. Many a times they got their clue to the incidents from a small piece of waste paper or a piece of thread. Many films were also made basing the cleverness of this Kerala Police.

But now-a-days, the sudden rise of criminal activities that are taking place in Kerala and the incapability of the police is making everyone wonder and ask whether the police that is employed by the people of Kerala and receiving salaries from the people, are there to protect the life and property of the people. Kerala Police has become a matter of shame and partner and protector of criminals and goons these days. Whose is the fault?

It is quite funny to understand that the Kerala Police is struggling to identify and nab the culprits who killed Mishel Shaji in Ernakulam recently, even though the family of the deceased collected a lot of video footages and other crucial evidences (which the police could not collect)!

The chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan is holding the home ministry portfolio that is in charge of the police departemnt. As soon as he took charge, he removed DGP Senkumar (who was considered and proved as a clean and efficient officer) and appointed Loknath Behara in his place. People are now asking whether this controversial appointment was to place a person who will be loyal to the CM and carryout his wishes without a question! The CM is not bothered about the popular opinion of the people that Kerala is becoming a totalitarian state!

Some people are asking whether there is a police department in Kerala state? Inspite of the heinous crimes and murders are rising rapidly, the higher officials remain safe by making some statements admitting 'police failure' and suspend one or two small officers (to induct them back after this heat is over!) The Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan whom the people gave their mandate expecting a lot, remain stubborn in his statements by trying to describe all the deaths as 'suicides' to protect the accused persons who are affluent and having some association with his CPI(M) party. 

On the other hand, the Chief minister is seen praising and supporting repeatedly the vigilance director Jacob Thomas (he is using even the legislative Assembly for this purpose) on his actions of vengeance attributed against all the IAS officers of the state. Jacob Thomas was considered as an honest and fearless officer early, but now he has spoiled and damaged his own image by indulging in cheap personal vendetta of very low grade in the name of stopping corruption!

Just see how many burning issues rocked Kerala recently where the Government and Police were either found supporting the culprits or being in a state of silence and helplessness, due to the involvement of CPIM activists or the accused having CPIM association!

Not only the oppositions, but many personalities including Police Complaint Authority Chairman Justice Narayana Kurup, veteran CPI(M) Leader VS Achuthanandan and many CPI leaders are criticizing strongly the indifferent attitude of the government and the police in many cases.

There is a feeling in some elected persons that they are safe until the end of their terms. People (not only Communist sympathizers) put a lot of faith in the LDF and Pinarayi Vijayan and elected to power, expecting that they would do justice to their roles. If they do not heed to the cries of the public, they should listen to the voices of their conscience at least to get a permanent spot in the peoples minds! Otherwise, time will teach them a fitting lesson! (Not only them, but also the other members in the ministry and government, who are doing exceptionally well)!


  1. Were they any better during the Congress regime?

  2. In India, police does not have autonomy. So police can be as good as the political party that is in power. In Kerala politics alternating between Congress and left lead alliances, police seem to be apathetic to political crime on right wing. Besides many heinous crime on women go unsolved. It is strange given high literacy rate of Kerala, such barbaric crimes still happen in the state.

  3. its becoming a problem in every state

  4. Beef ban is creating a great impact especially in kerala, I'm from Tamil Nadu, on sunday a keralite student was beaten by abvp activists, I hope that CM Kerala will take a right descision among with his ministers and request the central government to lift the ban as it is going to affect the kerala state more. Now the ball is in BJP court. Lets see what they are going to do. till Then Peace !!!!!!

  5. Narendra Modi, Modi cabinet in activist and Christian in his department to the connecting kanniyayittayirikkum Tourism, Minister of Alphonse Kannanthanam the IT department. Alfos Kannanthanam said BJP has no intention of using Beef in his state, Kerala and BJP-ruled Goa. 


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