Thursday, October 5, 2017

'BOBY BAZAAR' By Boby Chemmanur International

Noted Social Worker and one of Kerala's leading and reputed Gold Business tycoons Dr Boby Chemmanur is venturing into a novel business model that is going to benefit thousands of women in particular and millions of Indian villagers in general. Boby Chemmanur International Business Group has founded a Charitable Trust to render services, as part of their social commitment and are giving free partnership opportunity to the rural women of India to become prestigious partners of this project by name 'Chemmanur Women Partners'! 

As per the proposed plans of the promoters, 'Boby Chemmanur International Charitable Trust' is aiming to contribute for the 'women empowerment' by providing job for about 300000 Indian women by making them free partners of the 2900 proposed super markets to be established in the rural India titled as 'Boby Bazaar'. 

As these fully loaded hypermarkets are to charge only 1% profit the people are also going to benefit greatly. They will get high quality goods for very low rates (much lesser than MRP). These department stores also extend free home delivery for the consumers. And the profit of these malls are to divided among the women partners only!

Dr Boby Chemmanur who has been doing commendable job is developing his business considerably and his enviable growth, both socially and financially has gained him many enemies who are playing ugly games to ruin his business and image. He could also conquer the hearts of the people with his liberal outlook, social obligation and various personal achievements and activities. 

With the launching of the new super bazaar project, which will be a great boon to scores of rural people, many existing businessmen who have been plundering the pockets of the helpless men may be affected, and there are possibilities for them also  to join the enemy gang. But any act or deed that is initiated with a good motive cannot be destroyed even though they may try to create troubles and issues..! 

Let this noble undertaking be a great success and serve as an eye-opener to the wealthy and affluent to take a look around them and to give back to the society what they can...! 


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