Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kanam Rajendran is voted as Manorama Newsmaker 2017

Out of the four finalists who entered in the fray to be chosen, the state secretary of CPI, Kanam Rajendran is voted as the Manorama Newsmaker of 2017 by the viewers and other people. This was announced by the Manorama news channel on 21st January, 2018.

The selection of Kanam by the people as the newsmaker of the past year is a recognition to his individual and party's strong stand and principles not to cope-up with corruption in the government.

It is considered as a great blow to the CPM party headed by CM Pinarayi vijayan which has been facing many allegations particularly the land revenue scams and police department failures. Pinaryi Vijayan who made a good start when he came to power later gained the name as 'dothi claded Modi' because of his many steps resembling the PM style in his capacity. The government's failure to warn and inability to handle Okhi cyclone disaster was the biggest failure of the present Kerala government which has terribly damaged the CPM's image.

With the stern steps taken by CPI ministers and leaders, their personal and party image also increased in the public. On the other hand, Pinarayi and the CPM, instead of heeding to the concerns of their partners in the government and taking correctional measures, they are running after other tainted parties and individuals to keep the safe numbers to hold the government somehow and to give a warning to the CPI by teaching it a lesson.

Let such verdicts of the people open the eyes of those leaders, who after getting elected and attains power conveniently forget the promises made to the people before elections!

Congratulations to the fair, clear and transparent leaders. May the people also stop carrying leaders who do not keep up their pre poll promises.

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