Sunday, January 28, 2018 Kerala's Retired Policemen's Detective Service

The novel bright idea that formed in the brain of some retired officials of the Kerala Police and some lawyers, today gave birth to a new private investigation organization by name X-Cops in Thrissur. The new initiative is to render secret investigative services to the people and if required to the state police department. It may give an opportunity to the retired police staff to prove their mettle by unearthing mysterious and hidden crimes in the state, without any political or departmental interference. The idea is first of its kind in India and will be widely welcomed by the public provided the agency stand firm in achieving its aims. If the intention of the founders is to work honestly and truthfully and if corrupt and polluted persons are not given membership, it will create trends and be the beginning of a new era in the Indian police force.

There are many efficient and sincere personnel in the police department in India particularly in Kerala. But these days due to the pitfalls in our democracy, many a times, they are dictated and made handicapped not only by the ruling leaders or their political party members but even by their chota student wings. Such things damage the image and individuality of the police force and make it act like a puppet before the public. It is also embarrassing to see in India often highly educated and respected IAS/IPS officers being scolded in public by uneducated and uncounth leaders for not satisfying their personal interests. Of course, all members in the department are not fair. There are some criminals also in police who are always a shame and curse not only to the department but to the whole society.

The people are expecting the new investigators to be 'fair, frank and fearless' and expose the numerous crimes that are kept covered by the police to protect the interests of the rulers. If more and more sincere and efficient officers like Jacob Punnoose, Alexander Jacob, Jacob Thomas etc join this new private investigation service titled Ex-Cops and do things differently, they will become heroes in no time, not only in Kerala, but also in other parts of the country. If they also remain just like the other existing so called private detective agencies whose main task is to follow secretly the engaged boys and girls for a livelihood, it will be soon forgotten...!


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