Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kerala LDF Government's double stand on liquor and drugs policy

There is a misconception in some people in Kerala about the reason for the defeat of the previous UDF government in Kerala. Though there are few solid reasons for the pathetic failure of the UDF, the main reason was the corruption allegations. It is not their liquor restriction policy that lead to their pitiable fall, as some people think and publicize. 

Even though the initiative of Senior Congress leader V M Sudheeran who took the lead political role in campaigning and striving hard to make God's own country free from liquor and other drugs, was not backed (even opposed and isolated) by some of his own party colleges, his image as a hero remains unfadable in the minds of majority of people particularly the women who are experiencing the bitter effects of alcohol and other drug addictions. The Congress Party leaders' disunity and separation of V M Sudheeran may be the second major reason for its defeat.

Seeing the mass political and social support for the 'liquor restriction and minimizing policy' of the UDF Government, the LDF also made a similar campaign in tune of 'liquor abstinence policy' that gave a feeling in the people's mind that the LDF also would strive for making Kerala drugs-free in the coming years. But ever since assuming power, all the poll promises of the LDF in their liquor policy started changing quoting different reasons like revenue deficit. If liquor sale is the only means for increasing income for the state, who knows whether they will not legalize the cultivation, production and sale of ganja (marijuana) in the near future!

It is unethical and devious for the governments to slip away from  prepoll  promises after being elected and attaining power. Ever since coming to power, the LDF government's decisions taken in matters related to liquor appears as if the government is acting as an ambassador of the devil that will benefit the liquor mafia at the cost of numerous poor innocent lives of the people of God's own country. If the concerned don't realize and correct their mistakes as early as possible, time will teach them a fitting lesson that these policies are historical blunders and they may not get an opportunity again to make good their huge lose!

It is known and proved well that alcohol and other drugs are a serious threat not only to the individual but to the society as a whole, especially in countries like India. So leaders and rulers whether local or national, if they have any concern for the people or dharma, they must do whatever possible to drive away this evil not only from their locality, but also from the country even.

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