Saturday, May 26, 2018

Irish people voted and chose to become killers?

The world has been keenly watching for the outcome of the Irish Referendum held in Ireland on 25th May, 2018. Both Pro-life and Pro-choice movements and activists across the globe have been waiting eagerly to know what the Irish people have chosen, whether death or life. The counting of votes are almost over and the result of the referendum is to be officially announced shortly. 

There is great jubilation in the pro-choice camp who opted for an amendment in the legislation facilitating 'abortion' and to 'legally murder' the little hapless human being (with life) created by God in the mother's womb itself. The victory of the pro-choice minded indicates how cruel and selfish the world has become. Even if the whole world favors abortion, killing a helpless life (who cannot even cry aloud) in the mothers womb is crueler and more severe than killing an adult. This is the unanimous opinion of all people who believe that God is the creator of each and every human being irrespective of any religious differences.

Ireland is the native place of many great Saints of the Catholic Church. The Irish people (and most European countries) were very spiritual and God fearing in the past. Almighty God Blessed the land (lands) abundantly and made it rich and prosperous. Unfortunately just like many other European Countries, growth and developments are making the citizens forget their Saviour and turn against their Creator. The number of godless people have increased and it is considered as one of the end-time signs. Victory for the evil!

In the near future one may be seeing the ungodly majority people of these developed countries demanding for referendums for making amendments in the constitutions to make them more selfish, sinful and live against the Will of God. They may even demand for a referendum to change the Patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick to some modern Hollywood actors or pop singers. Such growth in the number of immoral generation will surely test God's forbearance and invite HIS wrath. All who have faith in God, please pray for these countries.


  1. Hope you are doing fine...
    It is indeed a very thoughtful post, we can only hope and pray for those countries and their people.

    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing your feeling and concern over this issue of giving 'licence to kill the babies' in the wombs.


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