Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Karnataka Election 2018 Results Announced: BJP to form Government?

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Once again proving all pre-poll and exit poll predictions, opinions and surveys wrong, BJP has managed to get the numbers to form the government in Karnataka. It appears as they have secured enough number of seats to form the government in Bengaluru without the support of any parties or individuals. In the event of BJP getting fewer seats less than the required number as the present position shows, they will 'buy' few MLAs from JDS or Congress who are ready to do anything for money, favor and positions. 

BJP's special skill in forming governments (contrary to the traditions) was earlier seen in 2017 after the elections in Goa and Manipur. Even though in those states the BJP was not the single largest party, they played tricky games and succeeded in forming the governments. In this regard the knack of the party is proven under the leadership of Modi and Amitshah.

The victory of BJP in Karnataka is considered similar to that of the result of the previous American Presidential Elections. By trying to grab power to rule Karnataka vidhan sabha, the safron party has sent a signal of warning to the 'secular minded' people of India that in the next general elections it will make total India under its lotus flag. The results of counting has literally stunned all parties concerned. Even the latest predictions of leading media and survey companies were turned aside as incorrect. The final position points to BJP winning sufficient number of seats to form government in the Karnataka legislative Assembly in May, 2018.

There is wide criticism and the number of people doubting in the authenticity of the poll results is high. There are many who think that the votes were 'bought' and the results are 'grabbed' using the power of the central government.

Latest and final numbers/statistics of party-wise seats/winners:

BJP: 104

Congress: 78

JD (S): 37

Others: 3

In the normal sense, BJP's 104 is not sufficient to make any claims to form government. Cong+JDS's 115 is politically and legally correct. However, we need to wait and watch what new game BJP is going to play this time... Chances are less for the saffron party to keep calm!

Many people are of the opinion that, had the Congress entered into an alliance with JD(S) before the elections, the results would have been very different. At least now if lessons are learnt, it is better. Unless the secular-minded people / parties unite keeping aside their differences, our country which has a rich and varied heritage and tradition will witness many unfortunate incidents and unforeseen developments in the near future. 

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