Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare arrested and detained - Very Unfortunate for the Delhi and Union Government.

The shocking arrest of Anna Hazare, known as the 2nd Gandhian of this time, has brought a lot of displeasure and contempt among the people, without any political or parochial differences.

Anna had already announced that he would start his 'fast', if the government did not stand by its assurances given to his team at the time of his previous fast.

To day the Delhi Police granted him permission to fast laying 25 conditions, which were unacceptable for him and he was arrested and detained.

People's ire is mounting on the Politicians and the Officials and they are expressing their support to Anna in the different parts of the country, by performing rasta roko and meetings.

The popular public opinion is that India will be the no.1 country in the world, provided corruption is rooted-out from this country.

How far it is possible is a big question, as the people in power and positions are widely misusing their offices for making money by involving in any corrupt means...!

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