Monday, November 28, 2011

The controversial ban on DAM 999 movie in Tamil Nadu and the Mullaperiyar dam row

The recently released movie 'DAM999' has been banned by the Tamil Nadu government and this action of the government has brought wide criticism from most public irrespective of any regional or political differences. The main reason for the ban of this film in Tamil Nadu state is said to be that it is directed by Dubai based Sohan Ray, who hails originally from Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala.

The director in the movie tries to explain the tragedies occurred only because of dam breaking in the human history and the innumerable loss of lives and properties due to the fury of controlled water.

The Tamil Nadu government which already has a dispute over the 'Mullaperiyar' dam with Kerala misunderstood to have linked this with the movie.

In-fact the Mullaiperiyar dam constructed some 116 years ago is too old to hold the huge currents of the water in it and it is a strong and permanent threat to millions of people of Kerala. Even the geographical condition of the area with frequent tremors and earth quakes is very much a concern to a large number of people of Kerala State.

So there is a strong opinion of the public that something should be done immediately to find a solution to this terror without having mere parochial or political mileage.


  1. Mullaperiyar dam row is a sensitive issue between two brotherly and very friendly states Tamil Nadu and Kerala and should be solved by the supreme court.

  2. Tamil Nadu is behaving very strangely. When Kerala agrees to give them full water, why they oppose this? Tamil Nadu's arguments are baseless...! The leaders should open their eyes and see things in a just way...!


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