Sunday, November 6, 2011

NEET MBBS Entrance Exams are creating fear and confusion in aspirant students of A.P..?

The recently introduced NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) by the MCI (Medical Council of India) for admission into various Medical Colleges in every states across India has seen mixed reactions among the public. Though some people opine such a new system would improve the quality and standards of medical education, It has also created panic and fear among some students, specially the ones aspiring for medical seats from Telugu mediums Colleges in Andhra Pradesh state and some other southern states.

They are requesting the union government and MCI to start this examination system from the next academic year 2013 instead of 2012.

But the MCI is keen to introduce NEET in all the states from May 2012 itself for MBBS admissions and for the Medical PG courses to conduct NEET from 2013.

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  1. The state government of west Bengal has decided today(31/10/2011) not to join NEET – UG from 2012.

    State-wise reservation of 85% NEET – UG and 50% NEET – PG medical seats for admission in a medical college through NEET is against Article 14 of Constitution
    In West Bengal (1972 -1977) and some other states there were District-wise reservation for admission to a medical colleges which was struck down by Supreme Court on the ground that the object of the selection of candidate for the admission was to select the best possible talent from the entire country/state, having regards to efficiency required for medical profession. There is nowhere written in the constitution that reservation should be given on the basis of district. It is against Article 14 of Indian Constitution.

    MCI is going to introduce percentile system of total marks obtained in NEET-UG . For some difficult questions there will be higher marks. Answering those difficult questions correctly a students may get higher percentile of marks, thus if a student scores 90 % may not pass the exam, but one who scores 60 % may pass, as he will have a higher percentile.

    Central board of Education (CBSE) the conducting body of the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) had failed last year in holding AIEEE as a peaceful test; paper leak in Lucknow, miscommunication and poor presence of mind resulted in anger of many students against the CBSE. Students and parents demanded a retest for AIEEE 2011 for all students which CBSE refused, now MCI has roped in CBSE to organize NEET UG after being rejected by AIIMS. So can CBSE do justification for both AIEEE & NEET UG which are nation wide entrance tests.

  2. NEET is creating fear and concern not only for the students of some Southern states, but also for the North Eastern Students and Governments, who fear that their students may not be able to cope-up with the students of other states.

    How ever it is a good step taken by the central government for a uniform code and pattern.

  3. there should be a uniform board before conducting a single exam
    posted by Nasrin


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