Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The lessons to learn from the Indian Assembly Elections, 2012. Is Rahul Gandhi Responsible for the defeat...?

Now the assembly Elections for the five Indian states are over and their results are also officially declared. In all the cases, the real results were very much a surprise for both the winners and the losers....! All the exit poll and post poll surveys and opinions were proven to be wrong...! The mandate of the voters were beyond the expectations of any party or the contestants...!

Though Mr Rahul Gandhi accepted responsibility for the poor performance of the Congress Party in UP, for which he campaigned and traveled day and night extensively for many months, forgoing food and sleep, he is not at all to be blamed for the poor show of the grand old party in UP.

In-fact political analysts, think-tanks and observers feel and believe that it is only because of the effort of Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congress could improve its number of seats in UP in the just concluded election, than the number won in 2007...! Had Rahul not entered in the campaign and worked as he did, Congress would have got no seats in UP....!

There are many factors that distanced the voters of the states with the oldest political party which they were adopting for many years. May be the dirty 'caste feeling' also have played some role. The different statements made by different Congress leaders have surely harmed the party. The open challenge declared by Central Minister Mr Salman Khurshid on the Chief Election Commission may also have injured the party, no doubt...!

The frequently breaking relationships of the UPA's alliance parties, like Mamata Banerjee's TMC and Sharad Pawars's NCP with the Congress party, has also vexed a section of the voters to some extend, which is also a major reason for the great fall of the grand old party of India...!

Congress voters in the country are not in a mood to accept the 'responsibility' of Mr Rahul Gandhi or are not ready to digest if anyone blames him responsible for the defeat of the party in the Assembly Elections 2012. 

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