Sunday, May 20, 2012

P A Sangma is next Indian President...? What is your Opinion? Please add here.

P A Sangma
The proposal by Tamil Nadu chief Minister M.Jayalalitha and Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik have come forward in support of former Loksabha Speaker and popular tribal leader hailing from the North Eastern region of India, P A Sangma.

PA Sangama who is the co-founder of the Nationalist congress party (NCP) formed by Union cabinet Minister Sharad Pawar is considered as a person well-versed on Indian Constitution and have vast knowledge and experience in the Indian Parliamentary system.

But the motive of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha is is said to have hidden intentions in projecting a candidate for the presidential poll. Some political analysts opine that in campaigning for P.A Sangma for the presidential post, she in turn expects him to give her priority and preference, in the event of a hung parliament after the next general elections that is to be held in 2014 but may be conducted early...!

The too obedient and bending postures of P.A Sangma before those political party leaders whom he is begging for support for his presidential candidacy is felt by some people as a disgrace to the top post of the country though they opine that he is eligible to be the president...! In the past no presidential candidates have begged the political leaders like this to vote for him/her, though they may have tried to some extend to adorn the royal throne.

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