Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kerala Government asks Government Employees to avoid mobile phones at work.

Mobile phones are one of the most innovative intentions of the time. Since its invention it has become one of the most unavoidable and irresistible companion in the lives of the people. It has no doubt, reduced the work load for some while it serves as a best means of communication for all.

Though the hazardous effects of the misuse (over use) of cell phones is under various studies and there are a lot of problems which can be affected to its users following to its over use. Though many people know that mobile phones and the towers that supply the signal are highly dangerous and cause a number of health problems, people are not ready to minimize its use as many are found addicted to it.

Now another drawback of mobile phone is that it is carried everywhere and used always by some people despite the suggestions and warnings from concerned authorities. For example, there is  a rule 'not to use mobile phones while driving any vehicles' and most people are found defying the rule. Hence some governments and the police take stringent actions to the violators of the law and it is controlled to some extend in some states of India, like Kerala.

Now there is another advise from the the Kerala Government to all its employees, that is to avoid / restrict using the mobile phones while at work. This is intended to improve the efficacy of the public servants (government employees) to serve the people more honestly. This move of the Government is welcomed by the general public as a good initiative but there are murmuring and grinding of teeth among some government employees who are habituated to spend their time talking and chatting with their ....(some one) once they occupy their seats.

There is an opinion among the public that most of these people misuse the mobile phones to chat with their secret relationships/connections as they cannot freely contact them while at their homes...!!!

How ever it should be seen how many take it positively and abide by the government instructions for the welfare of the people of Kerala.

Kudos to the Government of Kerala for introducing such a novel idea for the first time in India.

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