Friday, August 31, 2012

All Andhra Pradesh Bundh against Power cuts on Aug 31 by YSRCP- Big success and peaceful ...!

YSR Congress Party gave a call for a state-wide bundh on August 31, 2012 against the A.P. government's failure to provide uninterrupted power for the past many months. All the common people including business class, industrialists, students, employees, agriculturists were literally cursing those who were responsible for the total failure, which the state has never witnessed.

Most people opine that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and many ministers in his team are non-performers and are not eligible at all to run a state. According to people's public opinion the state which was leaping forward in terms of growth has gone backward few decades for lack of vision in the leaders.

A government is responsible and accountable for the smooth running of the state. It is not just a 'child's play'. Those who can guide the state ahead and lead it to prosperity only should accept the posts of C.M and other Ministers. Unfortunately now-a-days posts are granted by high commands as gifts to loyal people on various other parameters. Whereas in the past, workability and capability along with honesty and fairness were weighed high and given more preference while choosing leaders to rule.

Though the cause for today's 'bundh' was a most common one, it was noted that other political parties keeping away from the YSRCP sponsored bundh. How ever the people who are very much affected by the unscheduled and improper power cuts, voluntarily joined the 'peaceful hartal' and made it a grand success across the entire state of A.P.

It was also noted with sadness other Telugu TV News channels except Sakshi News did not give any report of the bundh situation. An apolitical or non partisan person expects the media and political parties to join together to condemn a public issue, irrespective of political or business rivalry...!!!

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  1. yes sir, it is the need of the hour, when ysr was there, even though power shortage is there, he used to manage it, why can't the present cm do it, the only difference is that ysr was elected by the people where as kiran kumar is an appointed cm, he is not having voice, any way your ideas and observations are very apt.


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