Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asianet 'Lunars Comedy express' launched with spectacular performances

The people who are leading a hefty and tense life style now-a-days are interested to spend some lighter moments before the TV channels during their leisure hours. Most TV channels have found out the fact that more people are interested in watching comedy programs than tragedy shows. Taking this as a lesson the popular Malayalam entertainment channel, Asianet has launched another comedy program on it very successfully recently titles, 'Comedy express'...!

Already Vodafone Comedy Stars being aired on Asianet Tv has turned up to be a super hit program and it is nearing its final stage and this prompted the channel to launch another comedy program.

How ever the very first performance of the first Team 'Big B' surprised every one and scored very high marks while Team 'Twenty 20' followed the suit and delivered an equal best and stunning performance though they were awarded little lesser marks.

People are very happy to watch programs that will make them laugh ....and wish all the Teams best of luck!!!

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  1. It is a good move. People are more interested in comedy programs to get relieved from stress and pressures.


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