Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shasi Tharoor v/s Narendra modi (BJP) battle of words continue...!

In reply to the comments by Shashi Tharoor to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra modi, critiscising that 'Modi doesn't have a heart to love, and only people who love others will know the value of love', BJP spokes person Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has commented that the Government of India must constitute a new new ministry by name 'Love afairs Ministry' and make Shashi Tharoor as its minister.

In reply to this Shash Tharoor shot back, 'It is better to have 'love affairs ministry' than to have 'hatred affairs ministry'...!

Narendra Modi, who is expecting a sure victory in Gujarat in the forth coming assembly elections despite his anti-minority activities and massacres of innocent people in the Gujarat riots, only because of the Congress Party's inefficience to deal with his BJP there.

Had the Congress party given a free and fair governance in the center, taking a stern step against corruption, most of the communal parties would have gone to history....!

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