Thursday, August 22, 2013

Malayali House Reality Show Grand Finale finalists.... the Winner is ....

The many reality shows aired on Malayalm entertainment channel Surya T V were of high standards. But the current Reality show 'Malayali House', started in par with Bigg Boss is the one widely discussed by most people positively and negatively. Probably this program is the one that received more public votes and views against it.

Malayali House became a hot topic for the Malayali viewers, with the contestants behaving very intimately with one another. Most Malayalees could not accept the behavior of some participants. According to some people, this Program also sent a bad message about the Keralites about the nature and narrow mentality of the people of 'God's own Country'...!

According to most viewers, some contestants who were admired by the people very highly before, became a ridiculous object with their cheap and low grade performance in the show. Grand master G S Pradeep is the biggest victim of many people's wrath. His behind the screen intimate movements with the co-contestants is widely talked about and highly criticized on the internet and in real gatherings.

As now the show is gearing up to an end, there is so much talks and curiosity about who will win the 'Malayali House Owner' title and become the lucky owner of the expensive mansion that was used as the set for the reality show for about 100 days...?

The probable finalists are:                             

1. G S Pradeep

2. Neena Kurup

3. Rahul Eswar

4. Sindhu Joy

5. Thinkal Bhal

Viewers, Please post / add your comments and opinions below:


  1. In my opinion nobody is eligible to win in my opinion.
    Some times it may be Sindhu Joy as she is less controversial.

  2. Now G S Pradeep is also out basing on the votes / opinions of the popular viewers.

  3. only Sasha deserves to win the MH. She is the only good person in the house. everyone else is just talking bad things behind each others back and creating issues to win. The worst being Neena.

  4. by hook or crook everyone wants to win the huge mansion 'malayali house' some how.

    they may sometimes share it among themselves....!

  5. Rahul should win the show

    1. That is Rahul's success. He is very cunning and tricky. He can deceive every one.

  6. thammil bedam thomman.. neena kurup shd win

  7. I think Rosilin or Sindhu is good.

  8. Replies
    1. No Rahul please, only Rosin is eanough.

  9. Thinkal is the best choice to win the grand finale.

  10. Please vote for Rosin. She is less cunning and plain.


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