Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rice Bucket Challenge to sweep the Indian Sub-continent instead of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...!

Manju-the Real Satr
The ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' which was started as an activity to encourage donations for the research and treatment of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Disease. 

It took form in the USA and spread viral through the Social net work medias and as celebrities from all walks of life participated in it, it became popular quickly and is spreading to the Europe. Celebrities and VVIPs from A - Z Category came forward to be poured a bucket full of ice water over their heads and filmed it for challenging others also to follow suit.

Inspired by the acceptance and publicity of 'Ice Bucket challenge', and Indian woman journalist from Hyderabad by name, Manju Latha Kalanidhi has discovered a new and even more useful challenge titled 'Rice Bucket Challenge'...!

Through this program, a person is supposed to take a bowl full of rice and pour it not on the head of a needy person, but in his empty bawl and thus help him fill his (his family's) stomach alt-east for some time.

The founder of this activity which is becoming a great movement online and offline, claims that Ice Bucket challenge is a huge waste of water and Rice Bucket Challenge is an immediate assistance to the needy poor in and around one's neighborhood.

Congratulations and Best wishes to our People like Manju Latha who think in novel and different ways to help our needy neighbors in our mite....!!!


  1. Yes, have read about it. Really nice.
    Kudos to Manju Latha.
    We save water & help the needy by this Rice Bucket Challenge. Too good.


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