Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal most preferred C.M candidate latest pre-poll survey results


As Delhi - the Capital state of India is getting ready with the final preparations for the most prestigious Assembly elections of 2015, all parties concerned also are making the last bit efforts (mostly tarnishing the opponents personally and / or the party).

As the age old Congress party which was rejected by the people of the country are still in the recovering stage, it is not considered seriously as an active contestant for this local polls. But their presence can do some serious damage to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  and indirectly support the BJP.

The BJP which was elected to power some eight months back in India could not succeed in hiding its displeasure and hate for the Indian constitution. Though the PM Modi has not openly come out against any articles in the Constitution, he did not contemn the recent comments by some of his his cabinet and party colleagues against the core pillars of India, secularism and socialism. 

It is a fact beyond doubt that no political party or organization can lead India forward without religious and social tolerance. Those who hatch religious intolerance are the enemies of the mother land who damage the country.

The AAP which is considered as the only hope for most of the common people of India as most of the wise voters of Delhi could see the hidden agenda of the sangh parivar behind the BJP's banner and hope that only Arvind Kejriwal can present a corrupt-free and transparent rule in the capital region Delhi.

As the date of the polls are approaching, the latest and last opinion surveys clearly state that Arvind Kejriwal is the most preferred C.M of Delhi now. As these survey results are not a good news to the opponents, they are making every efforts for their success by hook or crook!!!

Lets wait for some more time to see the actual results. 
Lets also hope that the elections are conducted freely and fairly...


  1. Nice post, lets wait to see the result .
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  2. AAP should get another chance I feel.

  3. Hi Maliyekal,
    Good observations.
    Yes, Let us wait and watch!
    Hope the things will come out in favor of the people,
    Whoever comes in power we need a stable and corruption free administration. Thanks for voting me at indi.
    Have a good day.
    ~ Philip Ariel


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