Friday, March 6, 2015

Kerala Police Protecting hard-core criminal Mohammed Nisham?

If the allegations leveled against Kerala Police Chief (DGP) Balasubramanian  and the video conversation tape released by Kerala Government Chief Whip P.C. George is proved and is true, one should understand and admit sorrowfully that Kerala often proudly termed as 'God's Own Country' has turned in to a 'goon's own country' these days.

The leading news in all the print and electronic media for more than a month is about the brutal intentional killing of a poor apartment security personal by name Chandra Bose by a seasoned criminal by name Mohammed Nisham by hitting his foreign 'hummer car' for delaying to open the gate of the township in Thrissur of Kerala. 

Nisham who has a long record of committing crimes frequently and repeatedly is habituated in settling his criminal activities by throwing huge money (mostly which he has earned in improper ways) to the police and politicians.

Even though there is strong evidence of his brutal murder, the Kerala police's delay in the handling the case and the way in which it is proceedings with it has raised many eye brows.

Today the release of the audio tape in which the former DGP calling Police Commissioner Jacob Job and asking him on the behest of the present DGP to do the needful to 'settle the case' has become a very sensitive and serious issue.

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