Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kodeehswaran 3, III Phase CFE Questions and Answers 2015 April 1st

Ningalkkum Akaam Kodeeswaran (NAK) Season 3 which is being aired successfully on Asianet TV is offering another opportunity for those people who want to try for one more chance to participate in the quiz game show and win some easy money. 

The 3rd phase of (latest) Call for Entry (auditions) questions are to be aired on Asianet TV channel from 2015 April 1st (Wednesday) 6.30 pm. Those who are desirous to apply for the 3rd phase of auditions by sending SMS can check this page for the Daily CFE questions with correct options before the deadline.

Everyone who watches the TV program knows that if he/she can manage to reach the hot seat some how by luck and by answering the 'fast finger question' smartly, will be able to win some money with the open support of the host Suresh Gopi if he/she can win his favor.

Though some people feel that these repeated 'calls for entry' through SMS is for making more money (as each SMS is charged) for the producers many people don't mind to respond as the show is interesting and it is helping some persons.
Watch below for the Daily questions from 01-04-2015:

Today's (2015 April 1st, Wednesday) [Special CFE question for twins] with correct option:

Who did N. Saktan succeed as the speaker of the Kerala legislative Assembly?

A:   P.P Thankachan         B:  G.  Karthikeyan

C:   Ramesh Chennithala  D:  K.  Radhakrishnan

SMS Format:    NAK <space> B send to 57827

Today's (2015 April 2nd, Thursday) General CFE question No 1. with correct option:

Which city hosted the final of the 2015 ICC Cricket wold cup?

A:  Sydney         B:   Auckland

C:  Melbourne    D:  Wellington 

SMS Format:    NAK <space> C send to 57827

Today's (2015 April 3rd, Friday) General CFE question No 2. with correct option:

Benjamin Nethanyahu is the Prime Minister of which country?

A:   Syria       B:   Jordan

C:   Israel      C:   Iraq

SMS Format:    NAK <space> C send to 57827

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