Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Link Voter ID (EPIC) Number with AADHAAR Card Number?

The Aadhaar Card, the product of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which was introduced by the previous UPA Government as one of their prestigious pet projects has become a key base for the identity of every Indian individual now. 

The UPA government had to face a lot of criticisms from many political parties including the ruling BJP (which was on the opposition then) for taking up such a mammoth project which incurred so much of money, machinery, manpower and effort.

Aadhar Card Number is linked (SEEDED) with most of the other facilities provided by the various state and central governments in India. Firstly, seeding (linking) of Aadhar card number with bank accounts are done. Then LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) connections were linked with Aadhaar numbers. Now the government of India is on a national drive to link the citizen's EPIC which means 'Electoral Photo Identity Card' with his/her Aadhar card. 

This process is to control the use duplicate election cards during elections and to weed out the bogus and dormant election identity cards (Voters Cards) which are being used illegally in many parts of the country. 

Though state governments have set up online Voter ID card - Aadhaar linking portals so that each individual can visit the respective websites and link them by himself/herself, there is a national portal trough which every one can get this seeding done easily. 

Click the EPIC - AADHAAR Seeding Portal for the different methods like SMS, Online, E-Mail etc available there.

One Can also get it done on the National Voters' Service Portal


  1. Why is it required to link the two??

    1. For 'good days to come' (achhe din aane waale hain)...!

  2. Dear Tomichan Matheikal to link both you require your voter ID no. that is also called EPIC and Aadhaar no. to link the both see

  3. It's a good initiative, I think. Hope acchhe din will come soon... :-D


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