Friday, April 17, 2015

MAA Election 2015 Results Declared. Rajendra Prasad wins!

The stalemate over the much talked elections and the counting of votes to the Movie Artists Association of Andhra Pradesh (MAA) for the first time ever following differences between two prominent factions in the Telugu film industry is finally over.

The counting of votes for the election results held on 29th March 2015 for electing a new governing body panel for the association was stopped by the Court following a petition and today the countings took place after the court gave its nod to count the ballets polled and declare the winners.

Earlier the posts of the MAA President and the eight member governing panel were nominated and selected by the members unanimously. But this time, as two groups could not hide their differences it was decided to hold polls. And after hot campaigning and mudslinging on the opposite panel just as the political parties do before any elections, the contentious elections was held on 29-03-2015.

Senior film heroine and politician Jayasudha was the nominee of the out going president Murali Mohan and his group while comedian and hero Rajendra Prasad was backed by mega star Chiranjeevi's family and their group.

A total of only 394 out of over 700 members cast their votes.  There were 7 rounds of counting of the votes.

And at the end of all the the countings at around 11.30 am (which started at 10.00) on 2015 April 17th, Rajendra Prasad was declared as the winner and the new president of MAA Association from 2015 to 2017.

The most people expected the winner in this poll would get single digit difference, Rajendra Prasad bagged a huge majority of 85 votes which is a big number in this poll.

So it is proved that Rajendra Prasad is a better actor than Jayasudha who could convince the voters with his smart speeches.

Like the pre-poll promises usually offered by the political leaders before entering into elections, Rajendra Prasad also announced many welfare schemes for the weak members of the MAA Association. And let us hope that he fulfills all those promises (unlike many political leaders) and proves his dedication to the cause of the welfare of the members of the Movie Artists Association of Telugu film industry.

Lets honor the verdict of the members who voted and wish him congratulations for his remarkable victory.


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