Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Website to track Missing (Lost) and Found Children in India

Every year thousands of valuable and precious children go missing in India. Most of them are never found again. Even though the missing of a child does not affect much a person not connected with the child, the agony of  the kith and kin, particularly the parents of the lost child is inexplicable. 

Many initiatives are taken to trace the lost children but most of them are not successful as expected. Still a large number of innocent children are lost, most of them are abducted or kidnapped for forced labour or begging or sexual abuse.

Taking advantage of the growth of technology and hoping to bring some relief to the affected families, the Government of India has launched a new website by name Khoya-Paya meaning lost and found. It is expected that through this website the missing children can be located. 

This website has three Sections. 

1. My Child is Missing: (For the use of the Parents / Guardians of the Lost Child)

2. I have Sighted a Child: (If any lost (missing) child is found, anyone can post the details here)

3. Search A Missing Child: (With the help of the details submitted, search is done by police and others.)

Note: To use the website, one has to submit his/her mobile phone number to receive a OTP ( One Time Password) to login to the website.

Though there are some sections of the society whose main job is to criticize, most of the child right activists and persons connected with different NGOs are welcoming this move. Even though as some say this will be helpful and workable only to a small percentage of the population, even that is not a small thing.

People who use Social Networking Medias such as facebook, twitter etc can play a pivotal role in making this mission a grant success. It is expected that Persons with Internet knowledge, Teachers, Social workers, valunteers, etc extend their emergency support to the parents and guardians of lost children to post the information of the missing child on the website.

Other Websites to track and find lost children in India:

Emergency Helpline Numbers:

Child-line: 1098
Police :    100

Please extend your support and co-operation to find at least one missing child...


  1. It's a great initiative... will be helpful to all of us...

  2. Thanks Maliyekal for this very important & useful info. :)

  3. This is helpful, thanks for the post.

  4. I heard about this in the news a couple of days ago and thought it is a really nice effort in this direction. So far there was nothing done on this front and there was no database one could refer to if they found any information on the missing people. This one certainly helps simplify a few processes :)


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