Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Death is inevitable for anyone who took birth on this earth. Death is the only reality for surety which remains still as a mysterious and unconquerable fact for the science and human researches. To forecast or know the date and time of one's Death is beyond the ability of the world's most advanced researchers or those self-styled god-men or fortune tellers who often make predictions about the past and future of other people's lives and everything else in the universe. Death is a very bitter and inexplicable misery for the kith and kin and near and dear left behind by the departed soul.

While the death of an average person greatly affects the members of his / her family and dependents and sink them in the sea of grief, some people connected with the diseased person also feel sad at his/her death. But the damage caused by the death of great humanitarian souls is irreparable and immeasurable not only for the members of the family of the departed soul but also to the society that got benefited by the particular person.

The collapse and demise of former Indian President, Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam while delivering a lecture at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Shillong on the evening of July 27, 2015 is felt as a huge loss and inconsolable incident not only for the members of his family but also to the total population of India and those people around the globe who have seen him or heard about him. Even though many messages of condolences continue to pour in from world leaders and politicians, every concerned citizen of India particularly the youth are expressing their deep condolences and homages to the great but simple and humble son of India who has no enemies and about whom nobody has anything bad to say.

Dr Abdul Kalam who is considered as the best of all presidents of India by virtues of his vast knowledge, love, honesty, truthfulness, humility, simplicity, impartiality and patriotism could win the hearts of the entire population of the country beyond any barriers of political, religious, regional or communal affiliations. He is the greatest teacher India has witnessed who could influence numerous young minds with his great quotes, messages, courses, and writings. His popular quote on dream, "Dream is not what you see in sleep, but what makes you sleepless" and made the future generations to dare to dream will be remembered and practiced by generations.

Dr Kalam excelled in everything he involved. From an ordinary scientist he rose to be called as the 'missile man' of India or the 'father of Indian missile revolution'. Though he had no politics he was chosen as the 11th President of the Indian Republic. Even after completing his term as the 'Rastrapati' he was highly honored as a great statesman and he found happiness in inspiring and creating valuable citizens for the future of the country and the world by delivering lectures and courses mostly to the student communities.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's last and final twitter message at 10.30 AM on 2015 July 27 before going to Shillong was, 

Going to Shillong.. to take course on Livable Planet earth at iim. With @srijanpalsingh and Sharma.

Dr Kalam's last and final photos like smiling on the way to the seminar hall for delivering speech at IIM Shillong and the collapse of the great soul (the final moments) are here:

Some other rare photos of Kalam are given here:

While delivering speech, he is seen collapsing down in this youtube Video:

Even though Dr Abdul Kalam left behind a bereaved hart-broken family of more than one billion Indians, he had a pleasant and happy journey to his heavenly abode in response to the call by his creator Almighty God while performing his most enjoyable service of of teaching.

Even though I am deeply sad about the departure of this great lover of people, I am quite sure about his peaceful life after death for fulfilling the 'Will of God' and obeying HIS commandments of Love, honesty, simplicity and truthfulness. He is very fortunate to have even an enviable 'good' death as a reward for his simple life.

However I express my deepest condolences and respectful homage to Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. 

Salam to Kalam sir. RIP


  1. A great tribute to him! RIP Kalam Sir!
    (btw That You tube link is to old video.)

  2. The greatest personality of this time loved by all Indians. RIP,,,!

  3. It is great loss for our nation, your post is a tribute to sir Kalam .
    May his soul rest in peace .


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