Thursday, March 31, 2016

Actors Jagadish vs Ganesh Kumar in Pathanapuram Polls 2016

Popular Malayalam comedy actor P V Jagadish Kumar is contesting as a UDF (Cong) candidate against his film colleague K G Ganesh Kumar of LDF (KC-B) in the Pathanapuram Assembly constituency of Kollam District in the forthcoming Assembly elections 2016. Even though villain actor Bheeman Raghu also is in the race as a BJP candidate, people are found not much bothered about his candidature. However some people think that the BJP can influence the verdict by diverting some of the regular voters.

The popular question is who among the two film stars will win the Pathanapuram Assembly constituency which comes in the Mavelikkara Parliament constituency. This time the Pathanapuram Constituency Elections in Kerala, picked up momentum due to the switching of allegiance by Ganesh Kumar from the UDF to the LDF (even though he had earlier won on the UDF ticket).  While being an ally of the UDF and enjoying power as a minister, Ganesh's own father and the Kerala Congress (B) party president R Balakrishna Pillai had a number times demanded for the removal of his son from the cabinet for not being loyal and obedient to his father and the party and had announced his removal from the party several times.

P V Jagadeesh Kumar who is new to politics was earlier known as a Congress sympathizer. As per the opinion of people, he owns a clean image and neat character while compared to his opponent and it is expected that it may be an advantage for him to win more votes. On the other hand, K B Ganesh Kumar who won three times from the Pathanapuram seat as UDF candidate had been a minister also twice. Even though he is notorious for his weak character and his involvement in many cases, he is considered as an active worker and as a vibrant MLA he enjoys people's appreciation.

We need to wait till the elections are held and the votes are counted to know what is in the minds of the voters and whom the people prefer. Whether it is an experienced MLA without any policies or a fresh candidate with a clean image. More over the winning chances of the candidates will also depend to some extend the current political wave prevailing in the state favouring one of the three fronts...! 


  1. Ganesh is an example of how leaders don't need morality :)

  2. Thinking udf i cannot support; but jagadish is d person deserve to win. He is humble ,genuine , hardworking and impartial.. like innocent he should b a good representative without falling into the bad party tactics. Even expecting same from mukesh. Both r deserving candidates. All d best


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