Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Minister Maneka Gandhi, the savior of mad dogs and enemy of humans?

It is quite surprising to see the great love and concern union minister Maneka Gandhi has for the street dogs, animals and insects than the human beings. It is also alarming to see the attitude of some elected representatives of the people, showing over-concern in the case of animals, forgetting very conveniently that they were voted and elected by the people to give priority for the safety, security and welfare of the mankind. 

We see these days, a good number of people are being attacked by street (mad) dogs in every part of India and many precious lives including innocent children, women and the elderly are lost and many persons are made permanently handicapped due to these unfortunate incidents. It is very sad that none of the elected representatives of the center including the prime minister of India (whose heart bleeded for the sake of Jisha when he came for election campaign in Kerala) showing any sympathy or condolences in the case of the increasing number of innocent victims of street dogs and other ferocious animals. 

It is being taught, considered and believed that 'democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people'. The statements and mentality of elected representatives like Maneka Gandhi raises doubts in the people's minds, whether Indian Democracy is rewritten as a 'government of the animals by the animals for the animals'..! 

Most people of India who revers and follows the great words that are written by enlightened poets like Thiruvalluvar in (Thirukkural), can never consider an animal or any other creation more valuable than a human life.

"Padaithan padaippellam manuvukkaka,
Manuvai padaithan Thanai vananka".

[God has created all creations for the sake of man ...
And HE created man to honor HIM]

Today's statement by Maneka Gandhi aired on Asianet news channel shows her immaturity and irresponsibility that she is showing in her department. Many people are asking whether she is not the minister of state for the women and children. When many women are being attacked and killed by street dogs (including 65-year old Shiluvamma recently) she was not found showing any botheration at all. How many innocent children are being attacked by the increasing number of street dogs...!

Maneka's call to the Kerala DGP to imposs CAPA on the socially responsible humanitarian volunteers like Industrialist Kochouseph Chittilapally and noted social worker Jose Maveli are being laughed away by the government and the whole people of Kerala except a handful of so called animal lovers who have gone insane. People of Kerala (including her own BJP party activists) are fully and unitedly backing any movement that gives priority for the welfare of the human beings. 

Many people are challenging Maneka to move about alone (without security) in any area of Kerala calmly in an evening to find out and get a firsthand experience and answer to her question why the street dogs are more ferocious in Kerala..! People say these leaders who move about in cars always with z category security can never understand the plight of the common man of this country. They are also worried when such rulers are going to adopt and frame new laws for the protection of rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc...!


  1. A very relevant and topical post! As I am reading this, another case of an old man in his nineties being attacked by wild dogs and hospitalised in Triruvanathapuram, Kerala has been reported....

    1. Thank you Rajeev sir for your valuable comment.
      That old man is no more and another infant in North Kerala is cruelly attacked.

  2. when we have 125 crore people in the country we surely need to worry about dogs

    1. Thank you Mr Arora for your views and comments.

  3. I ditto what you have said and wish to reiterate the resentment of like minded people on the sorry state of affairs all across the country. The dog and monkey menace is going to be out of control soon if it is not checked now..

    1. Thanks a lot Amit ji for your valuable comments voicing in support of the human beings.

  4. While I consider with stray dog problem, I do not think killing them is neither a solution nor fair. Dogs are happy creatures, they like human company. Even otherwise, we should not kill dogs. A converse logic can be most of our problems are due to over population of humans. Are we going to kill people because there is so much man made problems? No. I think we should learn to live with our surroundings. Give dog foods, they will guard your home and neighbourhood with last drop of blood. In worst case scenario, sterilise dogs.


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