Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Americans elect Donald Trump as the 45th President and Melania as US 1st lady. What next?

The picture is clear now. The long wait is over. There is now an answer to the anxiety of the people of the world for which they were waiting curiously for quite a long time. The people of America preferred and voted for Donald John Trump of the Republican party candidate as their 45th president to Hilary Clinton representing the Democratic party. Even though Hilary Clinton's victory was predicted by most people of the world and many political analysts, taking into consideration her vast political experience and tolerance, Donald's victory is unexpected and surprising.

Making the quote 'Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan' very meaningful, many persons and international groups, parties like BJP have already started claiming their hard work and active part behind his victory. To get more votes somehow Trump has promised his love and future support for not only the Americans but also to most of the minorities in USA including the Indians (as he thinks Hindus) (which he may not be remembering in the run). 

Donald John Trump who is a successful business man is very rich but is a novice in politics. He has proved clearly his political and social immaturity and intolerance to many global communities in his speeches stage talks. He is an example for a leader without a stern policy. Many people of the world fear his attitude towards the whole Muslim community and all the people from Mexico. Some people consider him as a person close to the mindset of North Korean crazy president Kim Jong-un who often threatens the world with his nuclear weapons.

With the defeat of Hilary Clinton the chance of the 45th USA president to be a woman also faded. With the victory of Donald Trump, his (model) wife Melania is the new 1st lady of the country who will shift to the white house.

Time only can prove whether the decision of the American voters was right or wrong. Though it is not proper to judge a person without seeing his activities or works, some people strongly believe that the victory of ineligible people (with unethical and intolerant nature) as rulers is one of the signs of the end times...! 


  1. Give the man a chance. He will be unseated if he does not deliver.

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