Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chennai RK Nagar By-election 12 April 2017: Who will win?

Filing Nominations for the by-election to the RK Nagar Assembly Constituency in Chennai commences today and ends on 23 instant. The Voting will be held on April 12 th and the results of the elections will be out on April 15.

RK Nagar was the constituency of late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha. After her mysterious death recently (in which her criminal associate Sasikal's hand is suspected...) the ugly tug of war for the CM's post between Jaya's confidante maid Sasikala and faithful political alternative Panneer Selvam was witnessed by one and all. As the political wind and the governor's decision favored Sasikala's side, her nominee was made the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu before she went to the Prison in Karnataka to serve her term of imprisonment. 

Now as the date for filing the nominations has come, once again the world is going to witness a lot of undemocratic incidents until the counting of the votes and announcement of the results on April 15. 

So far Sasikala's side AIADMK is fielding her nephew Dinakaran (who was expelled by Jayalalitha in 2011) and DMK has declared Maruthu Ganesh as their candidates. Jayalalitha's niece Deepa Jayakumar has already announced her decision to contest and started campaigning in the constituency. Now people are eagerly waiting to see what the powerful (and cunning) BJP is going to do to utilize this favorable situation! Because that party has been proving its capability to 'divide and win' policy in the country.

Whatever the outcome of the elections, it is expected that money and freebies will flow in the constituency. Because As Sasiakala's candidate was expelled by Jayalalitha from the party, the people of RK Nagar may not accept Dinakaran easily. But Sasikala's camp also will not accept the fact and give up easily, but will do what ever possible, even move the mountains, to secure a victory!

Who will win? You are welcome to guess!


  1. I think dmk has a slight edge over ops.

    1. Accept it. Some what DMK leads due to the AIADMK confusion

  2. Bhojpuri hot Dance watch this video.

  3. Post Dr. J Jayalalitha's death, Tamil Nadu political scene has become messy. While Sasikala has number, she is corrupt. Her nephew Dinakaran is not a legitimate candidate morally. I would still think Deepa is a good candidate. But she is associated with OPS, I think who is losing relevance every day.

    1. You have observed rightly Ji.
      All these may be an advantage for the DMK, if things continue like this!

    2. Yes, Such AIADMK Confuses, DMK will lead now

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