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Malappuram Lok Sabha By-election April, 2017: Winner is...?

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Unlike the elections conducted in other Constituencies of  India, Malappuram Lok Sabha by-poll scheduled for April 12, 2017 does not give much curiosity in the minds of the people to know its results. It is because, in the normal sense, the victory of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) candidate is sure and confirmed in this Muslim populated Parliament constituency.

The only matter of interest for the people is to know the margin of votes polled by the Muslim League candidate P K Kunjalikutty, whether it is more than that was bagged by his predecessor late MP, E Ahamed in the Lok Sabha polls held in 2015. Because the latter had made a stunning victory with a huge margin of 1.94 lakhs over the CPI(M) candidate P K Sainaba.

P K Kunhalikutty is the most popular face in the Muslim League Party (and the UDF) and it will be his desire (and a golden opportunity) to set a record margin in this elections to prove his popularity. 

On the other side, CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and some other LDF leaders have stated that the outcome of this election will be an assessment of the LDF rule in the state under Pinaryi Vijayan. This statement will obviously necessitate them (even though they cannot dream a victory) to increase their candidate's Adv M B Faizal's vote share and to decrease the UDF candidate's votes bagged.

It is a matter of interest for those interested to know the number of votes collected by the BJP candidate Adv N Sreeprakash. If he can increase the number or percentage of votes, the credit will go to PM Modi and Amit Shah. If it happens to decrease, all the blame will fall upon poor Kummanam Rajasekharan.

Lets wait for two more weeks to know the exact picture.

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  1. BJP has a long way to go in Kerala and I dare say in West Bengal. Apart from language, psyche of people in these two states are different.

    1. You are right. But the wholesale corruption of previous UDF govt and the incompetence of the present (Pinarayi Vijayan's) LDF govt is indirectly paving way for another front/party probably BJP!


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